WEEK OF DEC 12 – 16


DGP – This week’s DGP will be the first entirely digital assignment. Students can access the map and questions on the blog, then complete the assignment in Google Classroom (GC)

Mountain Ranges of the World Map

Mountain Ranges of the World page 1

Mountain Ranges of the World page 2

Our activities today were centered around “descriptive weather” words. There is no graded assignment attached to today’s work…nothing to make up.

The South America grid maps that we worked on in class last week are DUE ON FRIDAY. However, there WILL NOT be any class time this week to work on them. The materials will be available in the classroom before school, during lunch and during academic lab.

TUESDAY – We finished up the “Elements of Weather” activity. No need to make it up if you were absent.

We started the “Weather vs. Climate” lesson and activity. The graphic organizer for notes is in GC. The videos we watched and took notes from are linked below.

Weather vs. Climate from the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network

Earth:Climate and Weather – National Geographic

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