Week of January 1st


TUESDAY – No warm up

Activity – Grid Drawing – students chose a line drawing to replicate using a grid system, i.e. drawing the picture one square at a time. This activity is to prepare students to create a grid map of South America. We will be working on this for several days in class.

REMINDER – The Columbus paragraphs were due today!

WEDNESDAY – No warm up

Activity – A grid map of South America. Please find a link below to the scoring rubric.

Grid Map Rubric

Below are the “Steps to Success” that each student received a paper copy of.

  • Label the latitude and longitude lines correctly
  • Do everything in light pencil first so you can correct mistakes
  • Pay attention to where lines enter and exit the squares – one square at a time
  • Start your map with the outline of the continent
  • Now draw in the country borders
  • Label the countries and the bodies of water
  • Add a title and a compass rose
  • Go over all lines and labels with a fine line sharpie
  • Color the countries with colored pencil (each country a different color – no countries are blue)
  • Color the title and the compass rose

Color the water with pastels or colored pencil.

THURSDAY – No warm up

Activity – South America grid map. See above for directions. Map is DUE January 10th.

Atlas pg 57

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