Week Four – Distance Learning

WEDNESDAY – April 22nd,

First, you should check your grades on Synergy. If it is listed as missing OR if there is a ZERO %, you need to complete that assignment. Here is a list of graded assignments that need to be done by Sunday, April 26th. There will be a new assignment next Monday.

Post a video to Flipgrid.

See the links below- Easy “A”
Flipgrid – the Flip Code is 6thgreenss
Get started on Flipgrid here

Join Quia

Follow the directions to have access to quizzes and other learning activities. THIS IS REQUIRED!! The purpose is to use this as a platform for digital learning. There is currently a “Pandemics Vocabulary” activity posted there. It will help you prepare for the vocabulary quiz NEXT WEEK!

Plague Pandemics Paragraph:

The directions are posted on the linked document in Google Classroom. If you have a score of zero, you will need to click the RESUBMIT button when you finish writing your paragraph. If you are one of the students who deleted the document, you will have to click the CREATE button or the ADD button. You can use this copy as a directions reference only – you will not be able to write on it. DO NOT request access to it.

Join Newsela – If you have not joined yet or if you were previously joined to Newsela as “Test Class” you no longer have access and will need to rejoin using this link.

Plague Pandemics Presentation:

If you did not present what you wrote in your paragraph during a pod meeting, you will need to present it on the Flipgrid platform. See above links to join Flipgrid if needed. Use this Flipgrid link to post your presentation.

Summary Paragraph – Pandemics

This paragraph is due today, April 22nd. The purpose is to show that you understand the connection between global disease outbreaks, aka pandemics, and the increase in world population, urbanization, transportation and trade. The assignment and related resources are posted in Google Classroom on a stream of the same name.

Africa Test

The test is posted in Google Classroom. It is due by this Friday, April 24th.

 Pop Quiz – Viruses vs. Bacteria

Posted in the announcements on Monday, April 20th, you were told it is important to watch these videos and where to find them. The videos will help you understand the differences between bacteria and viruses and how it affects the current coronavirus pandemic. The post in GC now has the videos linked as a resource. You may retake the quiz. Please do this by Friday, April 24th. If you retake it after that date you will need to email me to check your score.

MONDAY – Activities Today


Q and A time

Join Quia – Follow the directions to have access to quizzes and other learning activities.

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