Week FIVE Distance Learning

THURSDAY – April 30th

Some students still need to join Quia – see below.

2T+1L – Coming to a pod meeting near you. To compete in this game you need to do a little research – it’s very simple. Use your Google-Fu to search physical geography facts for your country – the stranger the better.

See the sample for my country – Bolivia

WEDNESDAY – April 29th

Priority ONE!! Join Quia – if you have tried but are unable to join, get help from one of the 78 students who has joined, or see Mr. D.

Final Project Plan – Posted in the assignment stream in GC. This is your exit ticket today! It must be filled out TODAY!!

Two Truths and a Lie! – Starting on May 6th pod meetings will play 2T+1L . THE QUALITY OF THIS EXPERIENCE IS UP TO YOU _ THE STUDENTS! If you do not DO THE WORK ahead of time the pod meeting game will be less than engaging and entertaining.

What needs to get done? You need to research to find physical geography facts about your adopted country. Record your truths and lies on the Google Doc posted in Google Classroom.

MONDAY – April 27th

Priority ONE!!

Join Quia

Follow the directions to have access to quizzes and other learning activities. THIS IS REQUIRED!! The purpose is to use this as a platform for digital learning. There is currently a “Pandemics Vocabulary” activity posted there. It will help you prepare for the vocabulary quiz NEXT WEEK!

Priority TWO – Check your grades!

Reality Check – Pandemics WILL happen. What will you do about it?

This simple chart showing the years between pandemics has gotten alarmingly shorter. (In order to see the relative numbers in years during the 2000’s,  the years between two of the early pandemics were shortened from 500 and 700 years to 200 years) The point being, unless science produces a universal vaccine, this is bound to happen again….and again.

Video – TED Talk: The Next Outbreak; we’re not ready. Delivered in 2015, Bill Gates attempts to alert his audience to the very real threat of global pandemics.

Video – Covid19 – What does it mean to flatten the curve? Produced by PBS – It’s Okay to be Smart, this is a good explanation of how a virus spreads and how to slow it down.

Final Project – Pandemics – The stream is posted in Google Classroom. The assignment is in view only as the project types vary and you will have to ADD it to the assignment. This project is due in one week on May 4th.

Pod meetings – #7-9 Let’s play charades!

Pandemics Vocab List

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